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Place of Origin:
Illinois, United States
Brand Name:
TC-1 / TC-3


Tilt switches for high level detection and open stock piles

- Basic Angular-Sensing Operation
- Electrically-Passive, Mercury-Free Sensing Method
- Durable, Low Maintenance and Low-Cost Performance
- No Calibration Required...Output Switch Closes When Tilted
Approximately 17 degrees
- Easily Adjustable Sensing Point by Repositioning Hanging Height

- Ball Type Actuators available to limit material contact with tilt switch enclosure (TC-3 only)

- Easy to maintain
- No power consumption
- TC-3: 15 - 60 lb/ft3 (240-960 kg/m3)
- TC-1: 45+ lb/ft3 (>720 kg/m3)
- Ideal for high level detection
- Works for open stock piles